Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping

I was very surprised today. We decided to go shopping this afternoon, even though it was Black Friday. Most the stores had early sales promotions and I guess that got everyone out early, because after lunch it did not seem much busier than a normal Saturday.

A couple stores were fairly steady, but overall the traffic was not bad at all. Maybe Cyber Monday is going to continue to grow while Black Friday sales fade.

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

2 Responses to “Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping”

  1. Jan P. says:

    One noticeable change in 2007 seems to be the large retailers having the exact same offerings in their brick and mortar stores as their internet stores on Black Friday. Although going out at 4:00 in the morning is fun, my 18 year old daughter and her friends drove through the first snowfall here in Cleveland to hit all the Black Friday bargains, at my age (1/2 century young) finding all the bargains in the comfort of my home is the preferred method. Watch for huge Cyber Monday savings coming too!!

  2. TheYoungGuy says:

    Let me tell you about Black Friday from within… Its not fun. Not fun at all.. But I worked a good 18 hours…

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