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2012 Will Be The Year Of Micro Blogging

After blogging for almost 10 years, I still find myself not keeping a good rhythm, so 2012 will be the year I focus on micro blogging from here. I have always thought the biggest problem for me was the time it took to prepare what I thought would be a good blog post. So one […]

Christmas Eve in Mississippi

Spending the day watching the weather, something like 30 counties under a Tornado Watch. To the West it is snowing in Dallas, this could make for an interesting Christmas Holiday here. Hopefully the Tornado’s will stay away and we can just enjoy the family and food tonight and tomorrow. It is certainly a lot different […]

Need To Lose Weight

Ok, I admit it, and that has to be the first step. I need to lose weight. Over the years I have continues to gain weight and use my medical problems as an excuse, well no more. I have started and stopped losing weight on several occasions, but this time I WILL succeed. I have […]

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Every year since we have been married my wife has purchased Christmas Tree Ornaments for each of us, plus one for us as a couple. Then, she did the same thing for the kids. So, we now have enough hand picked Christmas tree ornaments that we have no room for some of the old standards. […]

Fun Stocking Stuffers

One of the fun things to do in the Christmas Shopping frenzy is to find Fun Stocking Stuffers. It can be a little bit of a challenge depending on the person, but it is always fun to try and find small, inexpensive stocking stuffers. Of course, online shopping has made this a lot easier, but […]

Christmas Tree Sales

Over the last few years it has been reported that live Christmas Trees Sales continue to decline, while artificial Christmas Tree sales are growing. There are probably a lot of reasons for this including the time it takes to shop for a tree and the ability to haul it. Plus as with almost everything else, […]

Led Rope Lighting

I have been contemplating changing the lighting in my office. Led Rope lighting looks like a pretty good option, but the research keeps leading me to other things. I need direct light with a small lamp, and then I would like the rest of the room lit with less of a direct light affect. When […]

Mens Straw Hat

Every year about this time, I tell my wife I need a Mens Straw Hat. And every year, usually about the time I pull my Fedora out for winter wearing, I realize I never got my hat. I probably have close to 100 Baseball Caps that I wear year round, but I want something a […]


It is being reported in the News that the FDA is investigating Singulair and the reports of mood changes, suicidal behavior in people taking Singulair. Why did this get my attention? Well, if you have listened to any of the drug commercials these days. It is absolutely ridiculous. Most of them sound like the side […]

Spring in Mississippi

We are only a week into spring and I am already tired. We have had some beautiful weather over the last week, the flowers are blooming and the yard work is already causing work. I spent 2 whole days cutting and mowing. I just love the big lot, until it’s time to mow and trim, […]