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Jackson Mississippi on Google Street View

Google announced yesterday that Jackson, MS is one of 37 new areas that have been added to their Street View Maps. To celebrate Street View’s one year birthday, I am very happy to announce we are bringing Street View to 37 (you heard me – 37!) new areas and we have expanded coverage in 15 […]

USS Grunion

Now this is a great story, and we need more of this type of stuff in the news. Seems that the team led by John and Frank Abele have located the USS Grunion which disappeared in July of 1942. Their father Mannert L Abele was the commander of this sub. They have a website and […]

Movies On The Internet

Since the temperature outside is holding around 100 during the day, I think tomorrow I will research the best way to watch movies on the Internet. I have seen a lot of information for free movies on the Internet and I just wonder how many of those are legal and easily accessible? I spend more […]

Rupert Murdoch gets Dow Jones

This is the kind of news that makes me think I am really out of touch. Is it a big deal? It must be for $5 billion dollars, does it impact me, I don’t know. If you read up on Rupert Murdoch you may or may not like what you learn. He sounds like a […]

Recalls highlight the news today….

Seems it must be some kind of National Recall Week. Toshiba, Easy Bake Ovens and Castleberry Chili are all reporting a recall on selected products. Toshiba Recall : Toshiba warns that even if you participated in the earlier battery swap back then, you still need to deal with this recall if you have one of […]

Longest Day Of The Year

It is hard to believe we have reached this time of the year again. It is the official first day of summer, but I can tell you summer has been in full swing for several weeks where I live. I can always tell because there is a constant stream of young people in and out […]

Hillary Clinton

This hurts, really hurts, but, I have to give credit where credit is due. It is obvious that Hillary Clinton learned some things from Bill. Former President Bill Clinton understood how to work a crowd and give a speech, and now Hillary shows the rest of the candidates how to connect with the new Internet […]

New Design

I finally settled on Bloglines for the Blogroll and for my Links. I have been using Bloglines for over a year now as my main RSS Reader and have been extremely satisfied with it. I tired several other solutions but nothing gave me the ease of use and features that Bloglines offer. is […]