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Christmas Eve in Mississippi

Spending the day watching the weather, something like 30 counties under a Tornado Watch. To the West it is snowing in Dallas, this could make for an interesting Christmas Holiday here. Hopefully the Tornado’s will stay away and we can just enjoy the family and food tonight and tomorrow. It is certainly a lot different […]

Mississippi State Fair

We finally made it to the Mississippi State Fair. This was the first time we went to a State Fair. For some reason my wife had eating Fair food on her list of things to do in her lifetime, so we decided this was the year for that major goal, lol. We did enjoy ourselves, […]

Finally Fall Weather in Mississippi

We have had a couple days of great fall temperatures. We could actually walk a couple miles today without having to wait for the sun to go down, lol. Of course it will probably be back in the 90’s by the end of the week, but we will take what we can get, when we […]

Taco Bell – Brandon, MS

Guest Post by : Deanna Last night I decided to treat my husband and I to some fast food as I was in the mood for something fattening. We went to Taco Bell and both ordered a #7 which is a drink, taco, and quesadilla. The total bill was $10.50. We got home and were […]

Mule Jail Trail

Now say that fast 3 times. Enjoyed a nice walk/hike on the Mule Jail Trail yesterday. I have to admit I had never seen or heard of it until my wife pointed it out. It is a small series of Trails on the west side of the Ross Barnett Reservoir damn. The entrance is not […]

Cheapest Gas Prices

It is amazing that 7 miles makes such a difference in gas prices. I drive about 8 miles to work, near my home the gas prices are almost always 15 cents or more above those near my office. The only thing I can attribute it to is that the stations with the lower prices are […]

Jackson Metro Area Starbucks Closings

I guess that tells a story within a story, it looks like 4 out of 5 Starbucks within a 10 mile or so radius are closing in the Jackson Metro area. I have been living here for 11 years and I am still amazed at how this city stays alive. Of course in a lot […]

Jackson Mississippi on Google Street View

Google announced yesterday that Jackson, MS is one of 37 new areas that have been added to their Street View Maps. To celebrate Street View’s one year birthday, I am very happy to announce we are bringing Street View to 37 (you heard me – 37!) new areas and we have expanded coverage in 15 […]

Lazy Magnolia Beer

My lofty goal for the weekend between all the yard work and working on my Real Estate license is to find a Party Pig of Lazy Magnolia Beer. Especially the Southern Pecan beer. I am not a big beer drinker, but I love beer that is a little different. After seeing a Mississippi Roads segment […]

Finally some Fall weather

Temperatures here in Central Mississippi finally dropped down to acceptable levels this week. Of course it is almost like we skipped a season somewhere in there. Since we had a couple of hours to ourselves last night, the wife and I decided we needed some Hot Chocolate after our evening walk. Typically this means going […]