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DVD Scratch Repair

Thanks to all the rain this week I realized my collection of DVD’s has grown a little larger than I thought. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of these DVD’s have scratches. In my experience if the scratch is too deep, just give it up. But, if the scratch is just a […]

Movies On The Internet

Since the temperature outside is holding around 100 during the day, I think tomorrow I will research the best way to watch movies on the Internet. I have seen a lot of information for free movies on the Internet and I just wonder how many of those are legal and easily accessible? I spend more […]

Young Frankenstein

Watch out, Young Frankenstein is headed to Broadway. And Mel Brooks is producing the new musical! The original movie was released in 1974 and certainly had a cult following ever since. If I am not mistaken, that was my first sighting of Terri Garr, oh yeah. Obviously we are in the midst of retro times.