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Getting In Gear For The Year

This year is definetly going to be different than any I have experienced. After jumping into playing music last year, live music now takes a lot of my spare time. I know it is driving my wife crazy because she was used to me having nothing to do in my non work time and now […]

2011 And My Guitar

Last year I posted that I was going to start playing the guitar. I never thought I would play so much, have so much fun, and get paid for it. It was an awesome year for me and I want to thank my brother Mike Withrow. We started playing as a duo under the name […]

Guitar ReStart

For probably the 5th time in the last 30 years I have decided to start playing the guitar again. Over the years I have played on and off without much passion. I even had the chance to play with some really good musicians when I was in Madison, Mississippi but I did not take advantage […]

Dan Fogelberg

Sunday December 16th, 2007 Dan Fogelberg passed away. I feel really bad because I did not know he was battling cancer. As a cancer survivor and a man getting close to 50 I have to admit that prostate cancer scares me very much. If you visit the Official Dan Fogelberg website there is a personal […]

Taryn Southern – Hot For Hillary

During lunch I caught the Taryn Southern video, Hot For Hillary, it’s pretty funny. Taryn was a season 3 American Idol contestant. [youtube][/youtube]

Hillary Clinton

This hurts, really hurts, but, I have to give credit where credit is due. It is obvious that Hillary Clinton learned some things from Bill. Former President Bill Clinton understood how to work a crowd and give a speech, and now Hillary shows the rest of the candidates how to connect with the new Internet […]

Happy Birthday Bro !

Today is my brothers birthday, Mike. He is the main writer at, and also contributes a lot to and Happy Birthday !! Mike gets credit for teaching me how to play the guitar and my love for music. When I was a kid I would listen to his albums (remember those things?) […]

Young Frankenstein

Watch out, Young Frankenstein is headed to Broadway. And Mel Brooks is producing the new musical! The original movie was released in 1974 and certainly had a cult following ever since. If I am not mistaken, that was my first sighting of Terri Garr, oh yeah. Obviously we are in the midst of retro times.

Listening to Music

Yeah I know, I have been missing for a month. Just got busy with all kinds of little projects and sleeping. I know I am getting older, I like a good nap and sometimes I can just crash out before 8pm and sleep all the way through the night. Of course the medicine I take […]