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Collar Bomb Suspect Not Competent?

Not sure why this caught my attention, but several news sources reported a year after the Collar Bomb robbery that killed the pizza delivery guy wearing the bomb, the woman indicted is “not mentally competent” to stand trial. I always wonder when I see this used in courts if anyone every thinks, hey, if they […]

New Postal Rates – Again

This is getting to be an annual event. Almost exactly a year to the day of the last increase, the USPS will be raising the postal rates once again. Of course I guess this should be expected. Years ago, I would buy a book of stamps just for my monthly payments. Now, I can pay […]

Walmart Black Friday Ad

Rumor has it that the Walmart Black Friday Ad has been leaked a week in advance. This is getting to be a yearly ritual. Now this also begs the question, what has society and media come to when the big story is that an Advertisement from WalMart has been leaked early. Whoo Hoo……. I wonder […]

USS Grunion

Now this is a great story, and we need more of this type of stuff in the news. Seems that the team led by John and Frank Abele have located the USS Grunion which disappeared in July of 1942. Their father Mannert L Abele was the commander of this sub. They have a website and […]

Flooding and Heat Wave

The weather patterns in the south are very strange right now. Oklahoma and Texas are flooding, and just a mere 300 or so miles to the east we are in a dry spell and heat wave in Mississippi. Although Hurricane Dean is headed to Mexico, it could still spell disaster for Texas and Oklahoma. I […]

Hurricane Dean

It looks like Hurricane Season as jumped into full gear after a very quiet summer. After living through the nightmare they called Hurricane Katrina, I would never wish for Hurricane Dean to hit the U.S. but we could certainly use some of the rain to cool off the south. I have lived in Mississippi for […]

Recent Earthquakes

This morning another earthquake hit California. There is no doubt that there is more seismic activity recently. Looking at the map on the USGS website indicates a lot of earthquakes are happening. This will certainly give new cause to people like Al Gore to jump up and down and blame it on everyone for not […]

Brooklyn Tornado

As odd as that sounds, there are reports that a Tornado in Brooklyn New York caused damage to homes and flooding to subway stations. The National Weather Service is sending a team to investigate and see if they can tell if it was in fact a Tornado, or some other type storm that swept through […]

Rupert Murdoch gets Dow Jones

This is the kind of news that makes me think I am really out of touch. Is it a big deal? It must be for $5 billion dollars, does it impact me, I don’t know. If you read up on Rupert Murdoch you may or may not like what you learn. He sounds like a […]

Bill Walsh 1932-2007

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, Bill Walsh the former head coach of the San Francisco 49ers was the head coach I loved to hate. He had our number, but I always had respect for him. I guess time is passing faster than I thought, I never imagined that Bill was in his 70’s, it seems […]