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Voting For Trump?

I think it is not so much that people are voting FOR Trump as much as they are just voting against the standard political parties.

Politics and Who to Believe

Let me be candid. I can not read a bill such as the Health Care Reform and really understand it. At the same time, I can not believe any politician to tell me the truth. As far as politicians go, I think it is to the point that each party just wants to NOT support […]

Ron Paul is the Peter Pan of Politics

After the last Republican debate in South Carolina I think I have finally figured Ron Paul out. Ron Paul is the Peter Pan of Politics. No matter how much he wants me to believe, I still know he can not fly. During the last debate in South Carolina Ron Paul made George W Bush look […]

New Hampshire Primary Results

By the eind of the day we should have a little bit clearer picture on the upcoming Presidential Election. To keep up with the whole process better I have hired a new writer on NonPartyPolitics.com Having been raised a Christian Conservative this always meant that I leaned pretty far right and Republican. Now those lines […]

Iowa caucus

Tonight is the Iowa caucus and I guess that means we can at least expect to narrow the Presidential Candidate field down a little. Usually after the Iowa caucus at least a couple candidates drop out and give their support to someone else. It is probably just an aspect of the mass media these days […]

Internet Quiz to show your Candidate

Are you tired of trying to figure out which candidate really believes in the same issues as you? Watch all the debates, read all the articles, listen to hours upon hours of political ramble and you still are not sure. So here ya go, take a 10 minute quiz on the Internet and let this […]

Recent Earthquakes

This morning another earthquake hit California. There is no doubt that there is more seismic activity recently. Looking at the map on the USGS website indicates a lot of earthquakes are happening. This will certainly give new cause to people like Al Gore to jump up and down and blame it on everyone for not […]

Taryn Southern – Hot For Hillary

During lunch I caught the Taryn Southern video, Hot For Hillary, it’s pretty funny. Taryn was a season 3 American Idol contestant. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sudw4ghVe8[/youtube]

Hillary Clinton

This hurts, really hurts, but, I have to give credit where credit is due. It is obvious that Hillary Clinton learned some things from Bill. Former President Bill Clinton understood how to work a crowd and give a speech, and now Hillary shows the rest of the candidates how to connect with the new Internet […]

Political Debates

I know I am getting old, I watched both Political Debates this week. Not totally focused, every minute, but, I watched them. I think I might vote for the first candidate that answered a yes or no question, with, a YES or NO. Every candidate goes on and on, running over, talking on and on […]