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Super Bowl XLV

Although I am not a fan of either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Green Bay Packers I will still be tuned into the Super Bowl. Hopefully it will be a good game and the Packers will come out on top. As a die hard Dallas Cowboy fan I just can’t imagine a situation where I […]

2010 World Series

I heard someone on TV say that a New York Yankee vs Philadelphia Phillies matchup would get a lot more people interested. Well, for me I am hoping for a San Francisco Giants vs Texas Rangers World Series. Texas is my favorite team, and I like rooting for the underdog, so that matchup would mean […]

PGA championship 2010

I have the PGA championship 2010 on the TV with the sound turned down while I am working. I am interested to see how Tiger Woods preforms, but it’s funny what get’s my attention when semi-watching something like this. I want to know who is in charge of John Daly’s wardrobe? And what possible statement […]

NASCAR Accidents

I wonder how many people watch Nascar just for the accidents? A little research into the top searches for Nascar reveals a large majority of searches revolve around Nascar crashes. Since the Michael McDowell accident during qualifying last week at Texas Motor Speedway the traffic to view the video has been enormous. And the film […]

Nascar Crash – Texas Motor Speedway

Yesterday Sprint Cup rookie driver Michael McDowell crashed during qualifying. This has to be the hardest hit I think I have seen. Obviously Nascar has come a long way since the crash that killed Dale Earnahrdt in their efforts to make racing safer. McDowell walked away without an injury.

March Madness

So much for my March Madness bracket, thanks to Duke losing to West Virginia in the second round. Growing up in Texas and now living in Mississippi I know there are a lot of quality southern teams I should be rooting for, but, I have been a Duke fan for 20 years now and it […]

Brett Favre Retires

After 17 years Brett Favre retires, no really. I hate to say it, but the first thing that comes to my mind is that I am old. I clearly remember when Brett Favre came into the NFL as an Atlanta Falcon. And think about that, after one year in Atlanta they traded Brett Favre to […]

Dallas Cowboys go 5-0

That had to be one of the strangest Monday Night Football games I can recall. Tony Romo tied a Cowboy record with 5 interceptions and they still won the game. I have seen a lot of press this morning on how the Cowboys should be 4-1 and don’t deserve that win, well I disagree. Face […]

Interesting Sports Day

Yesterday, Saturday August 4th, 2007 was a very interesting day in sports. Baseball – Barry Bonds hit # 755 to tie Hank Aaron’s career home run record, a record that a lot of people thought would stand for a lot longer time than it did. Football – The NFL Hall of Fame inducted 7 new […]

Tim Donaghy

ESPN has reported that the NBA referee under investigation for gambling on games and fixing the outcomes is Tim Donaghy. The fact that there is someone doing this does not surprise me, not sure why, but it doesn’t. I lost most interest in professional basketball a few years ago. With the exception of a few […]