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Television Writer Strike and DVD Rentals

I wonder how much the Television Writers Strike has impacted the DVD Rental market. I know we have kept the people at Netflix going double time compared to previously when there was at least a little bit of good television to watch. I guess the same holds true for Internet video. I wonder if YouTube […]

Movies On The Internet

Since the temperature outside is holding around 100 during the day, I think tomorrow I will research the best way to watch movies on the Internet. I have seen a lot of information for free movies on the Internet and I just wonder how many of those are legal and easily accessible? I spend more […]

Drew Carey – Price is Right

Last week there was speculation and rumors flying that Drew Carey would replace Bob Barker on the longest running game show on TV, The Price Is Right. Well, let’s put that one to rest. Drew made an announcement on David Letterman that he is in fact the new host. Congratulations to Drew. This should liven […]

The Bill Engvall Show

I can’t remember the last time I was actually looking forward to a new show. Now with that said, there is certainly a 50/50 chance it will be a flop. Comedians coming from stand up to television have either been a smash, such as Jerry Seinfeld and Tim Allen, or a total flop, like Jeff […]

Larry King

Just recently I have been watching more of Larry King. 2 interviews Larry did this week were about as far apart as you can imagine. First he interviewed Paris Hilton and it was obvious that he earned his pay for that one. There is not an hours worth of material in Paris Hilton. Then later […]