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Cooler Weather

Looks like we might not have temperatures in the 70’s after all for Christmas. A little cool air finally came through today and it is certainly a nice break from the weather pattern for the last month or so. I just can’t stand to have a hot Christmas, it just seems wrong somehow. But, growing […]

Flooding and Heat Wave

The weather patterns in the south are very strange right now. Oklahoma and Texas are flooding, and just a mere 300 or so miles to the east we are in a dry spell and heat wave in Mississippi. Although Hurricane Dean is headed to Mexico, it could still spell disaster for Texas and Oklahoma. I […]

Hurricane Dean

It looks like Hurricane Season as jumped into full gear after a very quiet summer. After living through the nightmare they called Hurricane Katrina, I would never wish for Hurricane Dean to hit the U.S. but we could certainly use some of the rain to cool off the south. I have lived in Mississippi for […]

Brooklyn Tornado

As odd as that sounds, there are reports that a Tornado in Brooklyn New York caused damage to homes and flooding to subway stations. The National Weather Service is sending a team to investigate and see if they can tell if it was in fact a Tornado, or some other type storm that swept through […]

Longest Day Of The Year

It is hard to believe we have reached this time of the year again. It is the official first day of summer, but I can tell you summer has been in full swing for several weeks where I live. I can always tell because there is a constant stream of young people in and out […]