Dallas Cowboys go 5-0

That had to be one of the strangest Monday Night Football games I can recall. Tony Romo tied a Cowboy record with 5 interceptions and they still won the game. I have seen a lot of press this morning on how the Cowboys should be 4-1 and don’t deserve that win, well I disagree.

Face the facts, the Cowboys (mainly Romo) had a terrible game, but what does it say for a Quarterback to throw 5 interceptions and still be able to play with any confidence. And for that matter for the coaching staff not to pull him from the game. Add to that the fact that the Buffalo Bills never hit the end zone on offense, the only way they scored was by Romo’s mistakes or Special Teams. And finally, Nick Folk not only hit a 53 yard field goal, he had to do it twice because of the last second timeout (good call) of the Bills.

The Dallas Cowboys deserve that win has much as any team could!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

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