First Week I Lost 4 lbs

How about that, first week lost 4 lbs. Not too bad, although I know the first couple weeks are the easiest to lose, I am still happy with it.

I was a little surprised I was able to maintain it especially since I had some Tamales from San Antonio, but tradition is tradition. Whenever my wife or I get a chance to go to Texas we have to bring back some Mexican Food from South Texas. 

Now let’s see if I can keep this program going!

Monday, January 12th, 2009

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  1. Damn I was checking out your other site and popped over here after reading some of your about page and writings I was like I like this dude and was excited when I saw San Antonio 🙂
    Then I see you just paid a visit 🙁
    Anyway just wanted to say hi and hope to see you around.
    thanks have an awesome DAY 🙂

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