Fuel and Electricity Price Increases

The local news is reporting an increase in electricity prices in the neighborhood of 28%. I guess it is time to start doing something to help myself since it is obvious that we are going to continue to see prices rise.

Researching Solar Power can be a little depressing. The savings can be fantastic, but the startup costs can be pretty high which in tun makes the return on investment a long road. I have located a couple used panels and I am going to do some research and testing to see how hard it will be to do something that can actually impact the costs of power.

I am also looking for an old Volkswagen Beetle. Not one of the new ones, but the good old classic rear engine type. I have had a couple in the past and they were the best cars I ever owned when it came to fuel mileage and how easy they were to work on.

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

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