Having fun with Music

All of my life I have had some involvement with music. As the youngest child I was taught to play the guitar by my brother so I could “sit in” with him and my sister. My sister is one of the best piano players I know. She has a God given talent, it justs flows from her fingers as naturally as anything I have ever seen.

For several years in the mid 80’s my brother and I were both working in the music industry. Him at WEA and myself working for a national music store retail chain. We had some interaction and enjoyed any time we got together.

Now we have finally embarked on a project together. We both still love music, and we are both involved in computers and the internet. So the obvious choice was to work on a website together.

And here it is…..CybersMusic , so stop by and say hi.

You can also visit his site at MikieSoft.com

Monday, December 5th, 2005

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