How to clear a room of teenagers

I have 2 teenagers, both girls. It seems there is always a guest in our house. It may be just one additional kid, or a whole house full, but, I am going to start taking their pictures and hanging them on the wall so I can remember who they are.

One thing I have learned is how to clear the room any time I want. 5 words, that’s all it takes. And here is how to accomplish this unbelievable feat.

Just get in the room with the kids. Listen carefully (but not obviously) to the conversations you hear. And yes I said conversations, that’s plural, because where there are teenagers there are multiple conversations taking place at one time. When you hear something that you can relate to as a youth, just say the magic phrase.

“When I was your age…..”

That’s it, no need to even finish the sentence, the kids will roll their eyes and quickly make an exit. Usually while taunting me with, “yeah, yeah, we know, you walked to school in the snow uphill both ways and were thankful”

Well, I did.

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

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