I talk to crackers

No, I am not making a racist statement, I really talk to crackers. You know, crackers, the kind you eat.

My taste buds must be warped. I like to blame it on the chemotherapy I did 14 years ago. After Chemo my taste for some things was changed. Beer taste terrible, unless it is a dark beer, I hardly use mustard preferring mayonnaise on most sandwiches, and I clearly remember not liking mayonnaise most of my life.

Now comes the crackers… Cheez It brand started making different flavors of their crackers. I quickly became addicted to the BBQ flavor crackers. Perfect for a Nascar race or good movie. And then….

They were gone. Just like that. Oh they kept all the other flavors that I don’t like. Now everytime we go grocery shopping I just have to stop, check the stock and then make my comments to the boxes on the shelf. And then I pickup a box of another brand and brazenly wave it in front of the Cheez It brand boxes lined up on the shelf.

So there I am, standing in the store, taunting boxes of crackers. My wife keeps warning me that store management is going to call security on me. But, it’s all I have left of a tasteful memory.

Cheez-It ® Baked Snack Crackers

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

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  1. GARY says:

    read some of your blogs…a veteran of 7 years of sarcoma treatment, moustache fell off during chemo, identity seriously compromised…oh yes-2 years after chemobrain, synapses firing like a 12 cylinder Packard, smooth and definitive! How many visits do you get to the site? Thanks!

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