In God We Trust

Nope, I am not just giving you my personal opinion. It’s a fact.

In God We Trust is the national motto of the United States. 50 years ago almost to the day, a law was passed by the 84th Congress and approved by the President.

A letter back in 1861 got the ball rolling and with very little exception all of our currency has had In God We Trust printed on it.

So why is it that we now let everyone take God out of the fabric of our society?

Forget for a moment what you believe, it is the National Motto, if you live here should you not abide by the laws? And if “In God We Trust” was placed on our currency by a law, does that not mean that we have to support it, like it or not?

Or is this like everything else, we are SO FREE that we can choose what laws we will abide by?

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

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