Antique Cars Information

1968 Mustang

I have to admit that I can not stay away from looking at old cars. Whether I have the time and money to invest in one or not, it is just something I do. I guess I take after my father, he was always looking at old cars. The Mustangs have always been a favorite […]

1966 Parts / 1967 Parts

If you like old cars like I do, it is always fun to find a new resource for parts. 2 sites I came across that I thought were really interesting in their approach was 1966 Parts & 1967 Parts. Instead of focusing on car models or manufacturer these sites focus on the year and each […]

Fuel Efficient Cars Used

That is the goal! Currently I own 2 vehicles, a large family car and a pickup truck. I have always considered a pickup truck a necessity. Even if it is not driven daily, every man needs a pickup truck. However, with the price of fuel it is time to go back to a more fuel […]

My new old car…

As I have posted just recently, I love Classic cars. To me this means “old cars”, which can be anything pre 1980 and typically my favorites are anything made in the 1960’s. My new project is a car I bought sight unseen, and I think it will work out just fine. It’s a 1965 Plymouth […]

My Love of Cars and Classic Cars

I have always been a car fan. From the time I was a small child my father always had a few cars sitting around he was working on, or as he woud say, “piddling with”. And if I had just a few of the cars I saw come and go in our garage I could […]