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2012 Will Be The Year Of Micro Blogging

After blogging for almost 10 years, I still find myself not keeping a good rhythm, so 2012 will be the year I focus on micro blogging from here. I have always thought the biggest problem for me was the time it took to prepare what I thought would be a good blog post. So one […]

Thanks WJTV

WJTV in Jackson, held a Central Mississippi Blogger Meet-Up on Saturday May 5th. The turn out was very, very disappointing. I was shocked that only 2 bloggers showed up. Jackson is definitely an apathetic area, but I really thought the bloggers would cross that boundary. How in the world can a blogger be apathetic? The […]

Central Mississippi Blogger Meet Up

On Saturday May 5th, WJTV-TV in Jackson, Mississippi will host the first Central Mississippi Blogger Meet Up. WJTV-TV in Jackson has graciously agreed to serve as host for a blogger meet-up at 11 o’clock a.m. on Saturday, May 5th. Refreshments will be served and everyone who attends will get the hottest in channel 12 swag, […]

Make Money Online

If you do a search on Google for Make Money Online there are 140,000,000 results. I wonder if I read everyone one of them I could quit my day job and just Make Money Online?

Grandpa is catching on to the blogosphere….

The rest of the Year

Well I made it through Christmas. My Dad came from Florida and spent a couple days with us on his way to Texas. Always good to have him with us. I always realize how much like him I truly am. Like looking in a mirror. I am working 2 days this week and then I […]

Starting Over Again

Seems I have been here before. Deciding to redesign this Blog was easy, doing the work was a whole different thing. I guess it is like everything else I do, I may take a long time to decide what to do, and then a short time to do it.