Chemo Information

New Chemotherapy Blog

I have always wanted to write about my cancer and chemotherapy experiences and now I will. Yes, it seems like a real depressing subject, but, I think it something I need to do it. However, I really do not want to clutter up this blog and take it down that road, so I have started […]

Chemo Brain

Now they call it Chemo Brain. There are pages upon pages of data on this dysfunction. When I did chemotherapy in 1992 the term was not used, at least not that I heard. It fits, and I believe it to be a real side effect factor to be considered and dealt with. Almost as soon […]

How many types of Cancer are there?

I was doing a little research into Cancer, again. I guess once you have been through Chemotherapy it stays with you. The concerns of cancer coming back are always with me. It’s not really a worry as much as a realization that it is highly probable. I have written some about my Chemotherapy at my […]

My Chemotherapy Wardrobe

Now here was a plus. While doing chemo I found my wardrobe the one thing that I liked. It was real simple.Sweat Pants, T-shirts and a bandana. Easy to mix and match.The only problem I ran into was in a few public places. Once while walking through a mall I was harassed by the security […]

Clear the Chemo Taste

I am sure each patient and each Chemotherapy is different, but I had a terrible time with how it affected my taste buds. Everything had a metallic taste to it. Things that I loved I could not tolerate with this added flavor.Finding something to drink became an increasingly difficult task. I loved sodas but could […]

Chemotherapy and Humor

I am going to use 2 words that certainly will not appear to go together.Chemotherapy and Humor.Why? Because I found out very quickly that you had to have one to survive the other. If you can manage to keep a little sense of humor a big part of the Chemotherapy experience will be a lot […]

Cancer Resources

I started chemotherapy the first week of the new year in 1992. On some scales it seems like yesterday, and on others it seems like an eternity ago.The first thing that is probably drastically different for anyone today is the available resources. In 1992 there was no Internet. I was given all the literature from […]

The start of my Chemotherapy Blog

Whenever I tell someone I am a Cancer survivor the conversation almost always turns to Chemo Therapy and how it affected me.I wish Blogs had been around when I was in the middle of my Chemo so I could have kept a log of the daily events.

I talk to crackers

No, I am not making a racist statement, I really talk to crackers. You know, crackers, the kind you eat. My taste buds must be warped. I like to blame it on the chemotherapy I did 14 years ago. After Chemo my taste for some things was changed. Beer taste terrible, unless it is a […]