Chemotherapy Experience Information

New Chemotherapy Blog

I have always wanted to write about my cancer and chemotherapy experiences and now I will. Yes, it seems like a real depressing subject, but, I think it something I need to do it. However, I really do not want to clutter up this blog and take it down that road, so I have started […]

Chemo Brain

Now they call it Chemo Brain. There are pages upon pages of data on this dysfunction. When I did chemotherapy in 1992 the term was not used, at least not that I heard. It fits, and I believe it to be a real side effect factor to be considered and dealt with. Almost as soon […]

How many types of Cancer are there?

I was doing a little research into Cancer, again. I guess once you have been through Chemotherapy it stays with you. The concerns of cancer coming back are always with me. It’s not really a worry as much as a realization that it is highly probable. I have written some about my Chemotherapy at my […]

My Chemotherapy Wardrobe

Now here was a plus. While doing chemo I found my wardrobe the one thing that I liked. It was real simple.Sweat Pants, T-shirts and a bandana. Easy to mix and match.The only problem I ran into was in a few public places. Once while walking through a mall I was harassed by the security […]

Clear the Chemo Taste

I am sure each patient and each Chemotherapy is different, but I had a terrible time with how it affected my taste buds. Everything had a metallic taste to it. Things that I loved I could not tolerate with this added flavor.Finding something to drink became an increasingly difficult task. I loved sodas but could […]

Chemotherapy and Humor

I am going to use 2 words that certainly will not appear to go together.Chemotherapy and Humor.Why? Because I found out very quickly that you had to have one to survive the other. If you can manage to keep a little sense of humor a big part of the Chemotherapy experience will be a lot […]