Diet Information

First Week I Lost 4 lbs

How about that, first week lost 4 lbs. Not too bad, although I know the first couple weeks are the easiest to lose, I am still happy with it. I was a little surprised I was able to maintain it especially since I had some Tamales from San Antonio, but tradition is tradition. Whenever my […]

Need To Lose Weight

Ok, I admit it, and that has to be the first step. I need to lose weight. Over the years I have continues to gain weight and use my medical problems as an excuse, well no more. I have started and stopped losing weight on several occasions, but this time I WILL succeed. I have […]

Tab Energy Drink by The Mrs

Okay, I’ve finally joined the energy drink craze. It’s taken a couple of years for the drink makers to come up with one that would appeal to an over 40 mom, but Coca Cola has done it with their drink TAB Energy. My husband and many other men are drinking “Rock Star”; male ego inspired […]

20 lbs by Thanksgiving Day

That’s my goal. I am gonna lose 20 lbs by Thanksgiving Day. I started this week with a plan. Slim Fast for lunch, continue walking and eat less at night. Now that the temperature has finally dropped a little and it is not 95 degrees at 7PM I think I can increase my distance to […]