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DVD Scratch Repair

Thanks to all the rain this week I realized my collection of DVD’s has grown a little larger than I thought. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of these DVD’s have scratches. In my experience if the scratch is too deep, just give it up. But, if the scratch is just a […]

Television Writer Strike and DVD Rentals

I wonder how much the Television Writers Strike has impacted the DVD Rental market. I know we have kept the people at Netflix going double time compared to previously when there was at least a little bit of good television to watch. I guess the same holds true for Internet video. I wonder if YouTube […]

New Site – CybersDVDs.com

Like I needed something else to work on, we launched another blog last week. CybersDVDs.com is now up and running with news, reviews and ramblings about anything and everything on DVD. CybersMusic has been very fun and successful for us (my brother and I) and we hope to do the same thing with CybersDVDs, so […]