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How to clear a room of teenagers

I have 2 teenagers, both girls. It seems there is always a guest in our house. It may be just one additional kid, or a whole house full, but, I am going to start taking their pictures and hanging them on the wall so I can remember who they are. One thing I have learned […]

3 Estrogen – 1 Testosterone = Insanity

I am married with 2 teenage daughters. We have 2 female dogs and 2 female cats. Is it any wonder I am a geek? Oh yeah, there is one male Gerbil left, although we have not spent much time together. Things that I can’t grasp. Didn’t we just buy a 24 roll pack of toilet […]

Fathers Day Fun

I hope all the Fathers out there had as much fun as I did on Fathers Day. My 2 teenagers pitched in a bought me a Mahalo White Flying V Ukulele. I had been looking at the Ukulele as a potential new instrument since seeing the Jake Shimabukuro video of him playing While My Guitar […]

The rest of the Year

Well I made it through Christmas. My Dad came from Florida and spent a couple days with us on his way to Texas. Always good to have him with us. I always realize how much like him I truly am. Like looking in a mirror. I am working 2 days this week and then I […]

Having fun with Music

All of my life I have had some involvement with music. As the youngest child I was taught to play the guitar by my brother so I could “sit in” with him and my sister. My sister is one of the best piano players I know. She has a God given talent, it justs flows […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite Holidays, although I am known as somewhat of a scrooge for most Holidays. Thanksgiving is always a time of personal and family reflection, along with great food and football. This years trip to the in-laws will be a little hard for us. My father in-law passed away […]

Mr. Mom

My lovely wife has been away for a few days, and I am soooo glad she is back !! I will admit that my teenage daughters are not as hard to take care of as they once were, but, I know that my wife does so much on a daily basis to make our family […]