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Addidas and Reggie Bush know how to advertise.

Reggie Bush got some extra headlines this week for the $10,000 fine levied on him by the NFL for wearing Addidas cleats in last weeks pre season game.Just goes to show that Addidas may have figured out what The Golden Palace casino learned a long time ago. A different way to advertise. The NFL only […]

Matt Leinart finally signed

The first-round pick of the Arizona Cardinals signed a six-year contract.Out of 255 players taken in this years NFL Draft, Leinhart was the last to agree to a contract. Financial terms were not disclosed, but you can be assured it was way too much. ESPN reported that the contract was worth a max of $50 […]

Clinton Portis dislocates shoulder

In the first preseason game of the year for the Washington Redskins, Clinton Portis dislocated his shoulder attempting a tackle on a Mark Brunell pass that had been intercepted.An MRI has already confirmed the injury and now it will be a waiting game to see how bad the injury is and how long the rehab […]

AP Football Poll – August 2006

1 Texas 2 Southern California 3 Penn State 4 Ohio State 5 West Virginia 6 LSU 7 Virginia Tech 8 Alabama 9 Notre Dame 10 Georgia 11 TCU 12 Florida 12 Oregon 14 Auburn 15 Wisconsin 16 UCLA 17 Miami (Fla.) 18 Boston College 19 Louisville 20 Texas Tech 21 Clemson 22 Oklahoma 23 Florida […]

Cowboys sign Williams

The Dallas Cowboys signed Roy Williams to an extension, and that is good news. But, if you read between the lines you will see the bad news. America’s Team is in some real trouble on the marketing (players) front. “He probably is the second-most visible player we’ve got on this team right now, Terrell (Owens) […]

Reggie Bush signs with Saints

Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush signed a six-year contract Saturday with the New Orleans Saints.The Saints announced this morning that he may not practice today, but should be in practice tomorrow, Tuesday August 1st. The Saints are holding their Training Camp at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.