Gas Prices Information

Cheapest Gas Prices

It is amazing that 7 miles makes such a difference in gas prices. I drive about 8 miles to work, near my home the gas prices are almost always 15 cents or more above those near my office. The only thing I can attribute it to is that the stations with the lower prices are […]

T. Boone Pickens

I will admit I have not researched everything T. Boone Pickens has planned for his energy solution, but I will say that just his initiative may be the kind of thing we need right now. When people start putting there own time and money into plans there is a lot more at stake. We need […]

Fuel Efficient Cars Used

That is the goal! Currently I own 2 vehicles, a large family car and a pickup truck. I have always considered a pickup truck a necessity. Even if it is not driven daily, every man needs a pickup truck. However, with the price of fuel it is time to go back to a more fuel […]

Fuel and Electricity Price Increases

The local news is reporting an increase in electricity prices in the neighborhood of 28%. I guess it is time to start doing something to help myself since it is obvious that we are going to continue to see prices rise. Researching Solar Power can be a little depressing. The savings can be fantastic, but […]

Why Are Gas Prices So High?

For the most part I think I am a pretty intelligent guy, and for the life of me I can not answer this question. It is getting crazy. Friday our local gas prices went up about 5 cents. I filled up somewhere near the top of that price range, around $3.49 a gallon. And that […]

Speed Linking 10-06-2006

I am not up to date on the Mark Foley story, but, I am sick of hearing his name already. Why does the MSM continue to focus on everything that is negative in this world? Google is on a roll. More like a massive snowball rolling downhill, they have released so many excellent systems over […]

Gasoline Prices

I know I am in trouble now. I got excited about paying $2.43 for a gallon of gas yesterday. That is down from around $2.80 just a couple of weeks ago. Did someone convince the oil companies that they had enough profits or are they just teasing us? $2.43 is still ridiculous, but, I am […]

Exxon Profits ?

I will admit that I do not know much, but, I know that this gets under my skin. The people of this nation are being hit by the highest gas prices ever, and the big boys are raking in the profits. This is just wrong in so many ways. Even the sub headline spells it […]