Google Information

Jackson Mississippi on Google Street View

Google announced yesterday that Jackson, MS is one of 37 new areas that have been added to their Street View Maps. To celebrate Street View’s one year birthday, I am very happy to announce we are bringing Street View to 37 (you heard me – 37!) new areas and we have expanded coverage in 15 […]

Google Gothic

I guess this should have been expected, a Google Gothic site, lol. I tried several searches on this site, but all I got was error messages. Maybe Google doesn’t like being connected to the dark side. Link :

Tattoos, Piercings and Dress Codes

I have been wondering for awhile now how popular Tattoos and Piercing have become? And how is it affecting dress codes at work places? A quick search on Google reveals a lot of articles on the topic, here is the first blog post that caught my eye. Link : Needled: Tattoos & Dress Codes Update […]

Make Money Online

If you do a search on Google for Make Money Online there are 140,000,000 results. I wonder if I read everyone one of them I could quit my day job and just Make Money Online?

New Millennium Business Plan

This cartoon is probably a lot more realistic than we realize. There are a lot of companies and sites being built for the purpose of cashing in on the big sale. And when companies like YouTube come along and are only out there for 18 months before being bought up for $1.6 BILLION dollars, it […]

Speed Linking 10-06-2006

I am not up to date on the Mark Foley story, but, I am sick of hearing his name already. Why does the MSM continue to focus on everything that is negative in this world? Google is on a roll. More like a massive snowball rolling downhill, they have released so many excellent systems over […]


Not too long ago the wife and kids took a little road trip. Upon their return they were jabbering about Sudoku. I inquired about this topic and was shown a little book, like a crossword puzzle book, of Sudoku puzzles. I glanced at it, and it appeared simple and probably useless. Fast Foward a few […]