Holidays Information

Fun Stocking Stuffers

One of the fun things to do in the Christmas Shopping frenzy is to find Fun Stocking Stuffers. It can be a little bit of a challenge depending on the person, but it is always fun to try and find small, inexpensive stocking stuffers. Of course, online shopping has made this a lot easier, but […]

Happy St Patricks Day

Don’t forget your Shamrock today!

20 lbs by Thanksgiving Day

That’s my goal. I am gonna lose 20 lbs by Thanksgiving Day. I started this week with a plan. Slim Fast for lunch, continue walking and eat less at night. Now that the temperature has finally dropped a little and it is not 95 degrees at 7PM I think I can increase my distance to […]

Labor Day – Goodbye Summertime

Back to Work

Finally back to work today. I have been off since last Wednseday, and I was ready to come back to work. Vacation and Holidays always sound great, but, after a few days I am always ready to get back to my regular schedule. I know, I must be sick or something. I really enjoy my […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Of course anyone who knows me, knows what a scrooge I appear to be. I would say it’s not really Christmas that gets me, it’s what we’ve turned it into. Christmas was and is a celebration of the birth of Christ. Hence the spelling of CHRISTmas. I always think of Christmas as a […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite Holidays, although I am known as somewhat of a scrooge for most Holidays. Thanksgiving is always a time of personal and family reflection, along with great food and football. This years trip to the in-laws will be a little hard for us. My father in-law passed away […]