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Isolationism as reverse psychology

Sometimes, thoughts just pop in my head and I wonder if they have any possible real value? With all the problems in the world community today and the inability of fixing anything by anyone, I wonder what would happen if all of a sudden the United States just pulled out of every place that is […]

What is the truth?

What is the truth ? Does it matter? Today it seems that the truth takes a backseat to the opinion. Truth, to many (at least the MSM) is not important, the opinion is. And how popular and how well marketed the opinion, how successful the story. And if the truth does not make the story […]

U.S. Hostage Jill Carroll Released

It’s good to see good news from Iraq. I am surprised that some of the media even mentions this story, sometimes it feels like they only want us to see and hear the bad news. Link : – Breaking News, US, World, Business, Politics, Entertainment, Video and More: “U.S. Hostage Jill Carroll Released”