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Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football

Talk about a love hate relationship, me and watching the Cowboys. I was raised a Cowboy fan, and I despised Jerry Jones when he fired the beloved Tom Landry, but I could not stop being a Cowboy fan. And now long after the Jimmy Johnson era I still have to root for Dallas. So here […]

Football questions this week.

1.) Can the Colts offense get past the Bears defense? 2.) Can the Bears offense get past themselves? 3.) Is Norv Turner the next Dallas Cowboys Head Coach? 4.) Did Jerry Jones really consider Wade Phillips as a possible candidate?

Cowboys sign Williams

The Dallas Cowboys signed Roy Williams to an extension, and that is good news. But, if you read between the lines you will see the bad news. America’s Team is in some real trouble on the marketing (players) front. “He probably is the second-most visible player we’ve got on this team right now, Terrell (Owens) […]