Kids Information

Old school technology is torture

My kids have no clue what a rotary phone is, and they certainly do not remember Internet access via dialup. They think email is old school. If they can not send and receive messages instantly they think they have missed out on something. Postage? Get real, you want me to mail something, now why would […]

Television and Kids

I saw an advertisement recently for a new DVD of Looney Tunes. These were the best cartoons of my childhood and we also had some great TV shows to watch, Gilligans Island, Hogan Heroes, The Brady Bunch and Andy Griffith just to name a few. It is so different now for my kids, there are […]

Fathers Day Fun

I hope all the Fathers out there had as much fun as I did on Fathers Day. My 2 teenagers pitched in a bought me a Mahalo White Flying V Ukulele. I had been looking at the Ukulele as a potential new instrument since seeing the Jake Shimabukuro video of him playing While My Guitar […]


The television show Numbers is one of my favorites. I guess that really shows my geek side. Although they push the envelope a little, numbers and math are definetly a major part of life. I have been reflecting on numbers for this year, and how my age is starting to show. 31 – Years since […]

Mr. Mom

My lovely wife has been away for a few days, and I am soooo glad she is back !! I will admit that my teenage daughters are not as hard to take care of as they once were, but, I know that my wife does so much on a daily basis to make our family […]