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2011 And My Guitar

Last year I posted that I was going to start playing the guitar. I never thought I would play so much, have so much fun, and get paid for it. It was an awesome year for me and I want to thank my brother Mike Withrow. We started playing as a duo under the name […]

Guitar ReStart

For probably the 5th time in the last 30 years I have decided to start playing the guitar again. Over the years I have played on and off without much passion. I even had the chance to play with some really good musicians when I was in Madison, Mississippi but I did not take advantage […]

Van Halen Tour Cancelled?

Rumors are that the Van Halen tour is being canceled due to Eddie Van Halen having issues. What a shame, I really thought this tour might help Eddie, especially with his son Wolfgang playing bass. I know when I saw them back in the late eighties it was Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth who […]

New Site –

Like I needed something else to work on, we launched another blog last week. is now up and running with news, reviews and ramblings about anything and everything on DVD. CybersMusic has been very fun and successful for us (my brother and I) and we hope to do the same thing with CybersDVDs, so […]

RIP – Elvis Presley

Today, August 16th 2006 marks the 29th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. As time has passed the connection to this great artist has probably been diminished among the younger musicians out there. However, there is no doubt that Elvis helped usher in a new era of music that was and is Rock and Roll. If […]

MTV is 25 years old

Age is something that just keeps jumping up and biting me. I remember the first day that MTV was on the air. Holy smoke. And that was 25 years ago ! It certainly isn’t the same as it was back then. MTV revolutionized music videos back then, and now they are struggling to survive. Just […]

Daddy Wants a Squeezebox !

I know, you probably remember it like this… Mama’s got a squeeze box She wears on her chest And when Daddy comes home He never gets no rest credit : The Who – 1976 Well, this is the new version Daddy wants a squeeze box He can listen anywhere While sitting on the deck Or […]

Fathers Day Fun

I hope all the Fathers out there had as much fun as I did on Fathers Day. My 2 teenagers pitched in a bought me a Mahalo White Flying V Ukulele. I had been looking at the Ukulele as a potential new instrument since seeing the Jake Shimabukuro video of him playing While My Guitar […]

Listening to Music

Yeah I know, I have been missing for a month. Just got busy with all kinds of little projects and sleeping. I know I am getting older, I like a good nap and sometimes I can just crash out before 8pm and sleep all the way through the night. Of course the medicine I take […]

The rest of the Year

Well I made it through Christmas. My Dad came from Florida and spent a couple days with us on his way to Texas. Always good to have him with us. I always realize how much like him I truly am. Like looking in a mirror. I am working 2 days this week and then I […]

Having fun with Music

All of my life I have had some involvement with music. As the youngest child I was taught to play the guitar by my brother so I could “sit in” with him and my sister. My sister is one of the best piano players I know. She has a God given talent, it justs flows […]

The Music Group of Greater Kalamazoo

Would you like to be totally blown away by a unique musician ? Visit this site and check out the free video and I guarantee Bill Clements will amaze you with his one handed virtusoity of the bass guitar. The Music Group of Greater Kalamazoo: Bill Clements