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NASCAR Accidents

I wonder how many people watch Nascar just for the accidents? A little research into the top searches for Nascar reveals a large majority of searches revolve around Nascar crashes. Since the Michael McDowell accident during qualifying last week at Texas Motor Speedway the traffic to view the video has been enormous. And the film […]

Nascar Crash – Texas Motor Speedway

Yesterday Sprint Cup rookie driver Michael McDowell crashed during qualifying. This has to be the hardest hit I think I have seen. Obviously Nascar has come a long way since the crash that killed Dale Earnahrdt in their efforts to make racing safer. McDowell walked away without an injury.

Jeff Gordon Crash

Yesterday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Jeff Gordon had one of the hardest hits we have seen in some time. After bumping with Matt Kenseth, Gordon’s car spun to the inside of the track and hit at the one spot that is not protected by safer barriers. What really made it worse is the angle […]