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3 Estrogen – 1 Testosterone = Insanity

I am married with 2 teenage daughters. We have 2 female dogs and 2 female cats. Is it any wonder I am a geek? Oh yeah, there is one male Gerbil left, although we have not spent much time together. Things that I can’t grasp. Didn’t we just buy a 24 roll pack of toilet […]

NASCAR Accidents

I wonder how many people watch Nascar just for the accidents? A little research into the top searches for Nascar reveals a large majority of searches revolve around Nascar crashes. Since the Michael McDowell accident during qualifying last week at Texas Motor Speedway the traffic to view the video has been enormous. And the film […]

Nascar Crash – Texas Motor Speedway

Yesterday Sprint Cup rookie driver Michael McDowell crashed during qualifying. This has to be the hardest hit I think I have seen. Obviously Nascar has come a long way since the crash that killed Dale Earnahrdt in their efforts to make racing safer. McDowell walked away without an injury.

Jeff Gordon Crash

Yesterday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Jeff Gordon had one of the hardest hits we have seen in some time. After bumping with Matt Kenseth, Gordon’s car spun to the inside of the track and hit at the one spot that is not protected by safer barriers. What really made it worse is the angle […]

50th Daytona 500

I am so ready for tomorrow. The 50th Daytona 500 and I think it is going to be a great one. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. looks poised to win with his new Hendricks team.

Dale Jr. Moving On

It was good to see Dale Earnhardt, Jr. make a decision about his future. I was not the biggest Dale Earnhardt fan, at least not at first. But, I would love to see Junior join Richard Childress and drive the black # 3 Chevrolet that his dad made so famous. Junior is different than most. […]

Nascar Nap

If you ask me, I will tell you I watch Nascar every week. If you ask my wife, she will tell you I take a Nap every week when Nascar is on. Just because I watch some of the race with my eyes closed does not mean I do not know what is going on, […]

Lame month

I guess that was lame, one stinkin post in the month of May. Hard to believe, the month went by that fast. As usual I have spread myself to thin. I get on kicks and start working on something and then something else, and then something else, and ola, I freak out because an entire […]

What is the truth?

What is the truth ? Does it matter? Today it seems that the truth takes a backseat to the opinion. Truth, to many (at least the MSM) is not important, the opinion is. And how popular and how well marketed the opinion, how successful the story. And if the truth does not make the story […]

I talk to crackers

No, I am not making a racist statement, I really talk to crackers. You know, crackers, the kind you eat. My taste buds must be warped. I like to blame it on the chemotherapy I did 14 years ago. After Chemo my taste for some things was changed. Beer taste terrible, unless it is a […]

Busy Times

I guess I have to admit I might be considered a redneck, a high tech redneck, but a redneck just the same. No I don’t hunt and fish, I don’t have a rebel flag, but, follow the trail. Every year February is a little busy, Valentines Day on the 14th and my wifes birthday is […]

Super Bowl, Winter Olympics and NASCAR

Although I did not have a favorite in the Super Bowl, I guess I was rooting for Seattle. However, I am happy to see the Steelers get their victory and Jerome Bettis be able to retire at the top. Pretty ironic seeing how I am a diehard Cowboy fan. Oh well, football is not what […]

Back to Work

Finally back to work today. I have been off since last Wednseday, and I was ready to come back to work. Vacation and Holidays always sound great, but, after a few days I am always ready to get back to my regular schedule. I know, I must be sick or something. I really enjoy my […]

HOF Racing pegs T. Labonte, Raines to drive

Now how can this get any better? My childhood hero Roger Staubach, my favorite all time quarterback Troy Aikman, “Texas” Terry Labonte and Tony Raines working together in my favorite sport, NASCAR! There is no doubt that I have a new favorite Nascar Team, Hall of Fame Racing. Aikman and Staubach have already shown great […]

Professional Sports

As a kid growing up I was a major NFL Football fan. My beloved Dallas Cowboys were as close to my heart as anything else in life. Over the years I never missed a game. In 1997 when I moved to Mississippi I purchased Direct TV for the sole purpose of getting all the Cowboy […]

Another Week

It seems every Sunday night I reflect on how another weekend just flew by and tomorrow it’s time to go back to work. Working on Saturday shortens the weekend up considerably. But, I guess as long as I got some things done I can call it a success. I spent several hours working on this […]