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T. Boone Pickens

I will admit I have not researched everything T. Boone Pickens has planned for his energy solution, but I will say that just his initiative may be the kind of thing we need right now. When people start putting there own time and money into plans there is a lot more at stake. We need […]

Why Are Gas Prices So High?

For the most part I think I am a pretty intelligent guy, and for the life of me I can not answer this question. It is getting crazy. Friday our local gas prices went up about 5 cents. I filled up somewhere near the top of that price range, around $3.49 a gallon. And that […]

Ron Paul is the Peter Pan of Politics

After the last Republican debate in South Carolina I think I have finally figured Ron Paul out. Ron Paul is the Peter Pan of Politics. No matter how much he wants me to believe, I still know he can not fly. During the last debate in South Carolina Ron Paul made George W Bush look […]

New Hampshire Primary Results

By the eind of the day we should have a little bit clearer picture on the upcoming Presidential Election. To keep up with the whole process better I have hired a new writer on NonPartyPolitics.com Having been raised a Christian Conservative this always meant that I leaned pretty far right and Republican. Now those lines […]

Iowa caucus

Tonight is the Iowa caucus and I guess that means we can at least expect to narrow the Presidential Candidate field down a little. Usually after the Iowa caucus at least a couple candidates drop out and give their support to someone else. It is probably just an aspect of the mass media these days […]

Hillary Clinton

This hurts, really hurts, but, I have to give credit where credit is due. It is obvious that Hillary Clinton learned some things from Bill. Former President Bill Clinton understood how to work a crowd and give a speech, and now Hillary shows the rest of the candidates how to connect with the new Internet […]

Political Debates

I know I am getting old, I watched both Political Debates this week. Not totally focused, every minute, but, I watched them. I think I might vote for the first candidate that answered a yes or no question, with, a YES or NO. Every candidate goes on and on, running over, talking on and on […]

Respect, it’s a thing of the past

Respect is something that has been lost on people and it is getting to the point where respect will soon be extinct, at least in Amercia. There is a new cartoon television show about our current President. Like him or not, this is not good. It is one thing to have free speech, it is […]

New TV Show – Political Idol

Now here we go, let’s just do the next election with a new TV Show called Political Idol. All 100 candidates that have announced plans to run can try out. We keep Simon Cowell for fun and add 4 more judges, a conservative, a liberal, and 2 more random judges. Each week candidates can perform […]

John Kerry says Military people are not educated?

Once again, looks like John Kerry is the best thing for the Republicans. Kerry insulted anyone in the United States Military by saying… “education, if you make the most of it and you study hard, you do your homework and make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t you get […]

Serious Atomic Threats

It’s starting to feel like we are going back a few years to the days of worrying about Nuclear War and everyone thinking of building bomb shelters in their backyards. First Iran and now North Korea. I guess I am not as up on world events as I need to be, but, I am very […]

Speed Linking 10-06-2006

I am not up to date on the Mark Foley story, but, I am sick of hearing his name already. Why does the MSM continue to focus on everything that is negative in this world? Google is on a roll. More like a massive snowball rolling downhill, they have released so many excellent systems over […]

If you want to join the Circus, move to Jackson, MS

This is one crazy place to be. I have been here for almost 10 years and I still walk around wondering about it. I have lived in several states, mainly Texas and I have never felt like I understood Mississippi. It is a beautiful place, and it has some of the nicest people in the […]

Gasoline Prices

I know I am in trouble now. I got excited about paying $2.43 for a gallon of gas yesterday. That is down from around $2.80 just a couple of weeks ago. Did someone convince the oil companies that they had enough profits or are they just teasing us? $2.43 is still ridiculous, but, I am […]

Never Forget !

In a lot of ways it already seems that we have forgotten what tragedies struck us at the hands of terrorists on September 11, 2001 (911). Please do not forget. As we forget how critical these events were in our history, it will certainly change the course of our future. We need to be aware […]

Is it World War III ?

As long as I can remember I have wondered what World War III would be like. Not if, but, when. As I watch the news and see the Media publishing private comments by world leaders that was picked up by a microphone, I can not fathom how anyone can see that as right. No wonder […]

Isolationism as reverse psychology

Sometimes, thoughts just pop in my head and I wonder if they have any possible real value? With all the problems in the world community today and the inability of fixing anything by anyone, I wonder what would happen if all of a sudden the United States just pulled out of every place that is […]

An Illegal Alien Allegory

I received this in an email, and there is no obvious credit given to the original author. It is worth posting. Excellent analogy of the Illegal Alien debate. “Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that […]

Illegals boycott America, we boycott Cinco de Mayo

On Fox & Friends this morning there was an interview with Bob Griggs. Bob is promoting a boycott on Cinco de Mayo day in retaliation to the planned boycott of America by the illegal aliens on May first. Excellent idea ! The illegal aliens believe they can cripple our economy, and they may have an […]

Interesting Google Ads

I have discovered that if you use a Contextual advertising system such as Google Adsense you have to take the good with the bad. Several ads have been running on this site that really go against my personal views. I am trying to keep up with the filters, but it is time consuming. So please […]

These guys are good !

Totally unbias humor, ya gotta love it.

A new Political Network?

This sounds like an excellent idea. I thought I might be the only blogger on the planet with these feelings, Thanks Political Football ! The answer to your question is NO, you are NOT the only one who is sick of Party Politics. Political FootBall echoes your sentiments. Heck, maybe we can even start our […]

Sick of Party Politics

Am I the only person sick of Party politics? Yes, I think one party is better than the other, and I probably agree with 70 – 80% of their platform. But the rhetoric and bashing is driving me crazy. It seems nothing is about what people want anymore, it’s about which party can smear, attack […]

Justice Scalia Denies Flipping Off Reporter

Now here’s news. When I heard about this it made me lose sleep. Was it really true, oh the horror. Did he really use that gesture on a reporter? Could you imagine anyone getting so upset with a member of the media that they would sink so low? Oh wait, this just in, it was […]