Texas Information

The Heat is On

It is so hot, I can not walk to the mailbox without needing another shower. And it is 9:00 pm! There is no way this heat is any worse than most summers in North East Texas. So it must have something to do with my age. I don’t really remember that clearly, but I must […]

Finally Back in Texas

After 18 years it is nice to be back in Texas. It is not so much that I did not like South Carolina or Mississippi, but it’s just I like Texas better than any other place. I have always tried to explain that to people and for some reason it is like everyone either loves […]

2009 AT&T Cotton Bowl

TheĀ 2009 AT&T Cotton Bowl creates a little bit of a dilemma for me. I live in Mississippi, been here for 12 years, but, I grew up in Texas. So with the Ole Miss Rebels taking on the Texas Tech Red Raiders I am going to have to choose an allegiance that could get me in […]

March Madness

So much for my March Madness bracket, thanks to Duke losing to West Virginia in the second round. Growing up in Texas and now living in Mississippi I know there are a lot of quality southern teams I should be rooting for, but, I have been a Duke fan for 20 years now and it […]

Immigration – Break it down

This is big. And if we do not get it under control it could easily escalate to things we do not want. The biggest problem is that everyone wants a comprehensive solution after ignoring the problem for decades. DON”T EAT THE ELEPHANT IN ONE BITE, Break it down. Work on the border security issue first. […]

Immigration Debate

I have stayed clear of this issue so far, but, it is getting increasingly harder to do. I grew up as a Military brat, this means that I learned to live and share with people from all corners of this country. Most of my youth was spent in the San Antonio, Texas area. Both my […]