Thanksgiving Information

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

I have to admit it, one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving are the Thanksgiving side dishes. Yeah, I know, everyone wants the Turkey and Ham, but me, I love the green bean casserole, stuffed jalapenos, and potato salad.  Each year it seems that our Thanksgiving dinner takes on a new twist, and this year will […]

20 lbs by Thanksgiving Day

That’s my goal. I am gonna lose 20 lbs by Thanksgiving Day. I started this week with a plan. Slim Fast for lunch, continue walking and eat less at night. Now that the temperature has finally dropped a little and it is not 95 degrees at 7PM I think I can increase my distance to […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite Holidays, although I am known as somewhat of a scrooge for most Holidays. Thanksgiving is always a time of personal and family reflection, along with great food and football. This years trip to the in-laws will be a little hard for us. My father in-law passed away […]