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Emmitt Smith Enters the NFL Hall of Fame

Emmitt Smith is the last of the “Dallas Cowboys Triplets” to enter the Hall of Fame, following Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin. What  a legacy those three left behind. Not sure we will ever see three players on one team dominate like they did. Emmitt was and is a class act. Remember, he was too […]

Busy Times

I guess I have to admit I might be considered a redneck, a high tech redneck, but a redneck just the same. No I don’t hunt and fish, I don’t have a rebel flag, but, follow the trail. Every year February is a little busy, Valentines Day on the 14th and my wifes birthday is […]

Aikman, White among finalists for Pro Football Hall

NFL – Aikman, White among finalists for Pro Football Hall: “CANTON, Ohio — Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman and the late Reggie White were among the 15 finalists Wednesday for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.” I personally can not see how Aikman can miss, but, I am a little biased, having been a Dallas […]

HOF Racing pegs T. Labonte, Raines to drive

Now how can this get any better? My childhood hero Roger Staubach, my favorite all time quarterback Troy Aikman, “Texas” Terry Labonte and Tony Raines working together in my favorite sport, NASCAR! There is no doubt that I have a new favorite Nascar Team, Hall of Fame Racing. Aikman and Staubach have already shown great […]

Professional Sports

As a kid growing up I was a major NFL Football fan. My beloved Dallas Cowboys were as close to my heart as anything else in life. Over the years I never missed a game. In 1997 when I moved to Mississippi I purchased Direct TV for the sole purpose of getting all the Cowboy […]