Weather Information

Finally Fall Weather in Mississippi

We have had a couple days of great fall temperatures. We could actually walk a couple miles today without having to wait for the sun to go down, lol. Of course it will probably be back in the 90’s by the end of the week, but we will take what we can get, when we […]

Mississippi Weather

This is the time of the year I can actually enjoy the Mississippi weather. I spent a lot of time in South Texas and I always thought that was the most hot and humid weather there was, until I moved to Mississippi. In July and August the heat and humidity is the worst I have […]

Spring in Mississippi

We are only a week into spring and I am already tired. We have had some beautiful weather over the last week, the flowers are blooming and the yard work is already causing work. I spent 2 whole days cutting and mowing. I just love the big lot, until it’s time to mow and trim, […]


I guess you could say I am a little bit of a weather buff. Until Hurricane Katrina took a path that put us in the dark for several days and scared the daylights out of us, we (my wife and I) would look forward to a little stormy weather. Now, we are a little more […]