Do It Yourself

I am a big fan of Do It Yourself projects. In a typical week I can work on so many different things it can get confusing. Going from home repairs to car repairs to all kinds of miscellaneous projects. But I love it. I guess part of it is my love for learning new things, and part of it is me just being cheap, lol.

This weekend I am going to attempt to lay ceramic tile in the upstairs bathroom and do a break job on my truck. I decided I better do the tile first since it is the cleaner job, and also the one my wife as been waiting for the longest.

One of the new tools I use for all my DIY stuff is YouTube. There is probably a video for every type of job you can imagine. And whether I know how to do a job or not I love to watch a few YouTube videos first. If nothing else I might pick up something good or bad I did not see in the past.

Here is one I thought was cool on laying ceramic tile, in fast forward !

Nascar Crash – Texas Motor Speedway

Yesterday Sprint Cup rookie driver Michael McDowell crashed during qualifying. This has to be the hardest hit I think I have seen. Obviously Nascar has come a long way since the crash that killed Dale Earnahrdt in their efforts to make racing safer.

McDowell walked away without an injury.

More YouTube and less Television

I have spent the last 4 days at home enjoying the Holidays. One of the things I noticed is that we tend to go to YouTube for video entertainment instead of the Television. We have already seen all the Christmas classics a thousand times and there is really nothing on TV.

We used YouTube a lot over the last few days. The kids (teenagers) love to dig up silly videos and show them to us and we can find stuff for them that they have never seen.

A good example is Rich Little. I remember Rich being a great impressionist from when I was a kid. Well now there is Frank Caliendo and the kids could not believe anyone was ever as good as Frank. Well, thanks to YouTube I found some Rich Little videos and showed them.

I think Frank Caliendo would do better focusing on Videos Online instead of a 30 minute TV show (Frank TV).

Try it, go to YouTube and search for some of that old stuff you liked, you may be very surprised at what you find.

Speed Linking 10-06-2006

I am not up to date on the Mark Foley story, but, I am sick of hearing his name already. Why does the MSM continue to focus on everything that is negative in this world?

Google is on a roll. More like a massive snowball rolling downhill, they have released so many excellent systems over the last 6 months it is amazing. And they have gone back and updated a lot of the older systems. Just look at the list:

  • Google Reader
  • Google Groups
  • Google Personalized Home Page
  • Google Gadgets
  • Google Base
  • Google Maps API v2
  • Google Calendar API
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Google AJAX Search API
  • Google Checkout API
  • Google Gadgets for Your Page

Microsoft who ? The other big movers seem to be in the video market these days. YouTube continues to be extremely popular, and that is why the rumors were bound to start about Google buying YouTube.

And lets not forget all that social software business and sites like MySpace.

Ok, forget about the Net. Is there anything good on TV, well, yes and no. Seems like we have a million choices with only a handful of shows we may want to watch. Once again, thanks to technology I can trust my DVR to capture just what I want and forget about the rest.

Of course, soon I may be able to afford to drive around again with Gas prices teetering at the $2.00 mark. Now isn’t that funny, in just over a year, we go from thinking $2 is outrageous on gas to thinking it’s a steal. Tell me we can’t be programmed!