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Do It Yourself

I am a big fan of Do It Yourself projects. In a typical week I can work on so many different things it can get confusing. Going from home repairs to car repairs to all kinds of miscellaneous projects. But I love it. I guess part of it is my love for learning new things, […]

Nascar Crash – Texas Motor Speedway

Yesterday Sprint Cup rookie driver Michael McDowell crashed during qualifying. This has to be the hardest hit I think I have seen. Obviously Nascar has come a long way since the crash that killed Dale Earnahrdt in their efforts to make racing safer. McDowell walked away without an injury.

More YouTube and less Television

I have spent the last 4 days at home enjoying the Holidays. One of the things I noticed is that we tend to go to YouTube for video entertainment instead of the Television. We have already seen all the Christmas classics a thousand times and there is really nothing on TV. We used YouTube a […]

Speed Linking 10-06-2006

I am not up to date on the Mark Foley story, but, I am sick of hearing his name already. Why does the MSM continue to focus on everything that is negative in this world? Google is on a roll. More like a massive snowball rolling downhill, they have released so many excellent systems over […]

Dancing Flashbacks

All I needed was more reminders of my age! Judson Laipply does an excellent job of taking us through The Evolution of Dance, and in the process gives me flashbacks for every song and dance that is represented in his routine.