Kwan made the Olympic Team ?

I guess this seems out of character for me, but Figure Skating is something I am pretty involved in. My oldest daughter Danielle is a Figure Skater, and at the Novice level she too has Olympic dreams. It is a tough sport to work your way to the top.

I am sure I am in the minority on the issue of Michelle Kwan being “given” a spot on the Olympic Team. Yes she has done a lot for the sport, but, there are others who have worked hard over the last few years that now deserve the spot.

I thought this editorial in the Houston Chronicle hit the nail on the head.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

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3 Responses to “Kwan made the Olympic Team ?”

  1. Helen Wheels says:

    By golly! I hope this time she is going to make it winning a gold medal at the Olympics. She is in my prayers.
    I know it’s not fair for other qualified skaters like Hughes, but let us put it this way- we’ll leave it to the Olympic figure skaters expert, and we’ll just sit and watch 🙂 I am already anxious to see the U.S Olympic Team in Torino.

    Goodluck to Danielle – may her dreams come true. How awesome to see her skate out there along with the champs. She’s a princess on ice. God Bless her.

    a fan

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