Led Rope Lighting

I have been contemplating changing the lighting in my office. Led Rope lighting looks like a pretty good option, but the research keeps leading me to other things. I need direct light with a small lamp, and then I would like the rest of the room lit with less of a direct light affect.

When I started looking at the home led lighting there are all types, and there is also indoor Fiber Optic lighting, and this looks very interesting.

We have some lights at work, I hate to call them flashlights, they are tubes with led lights in them that are rechargeable and the base is a magnet. So if you are working in a dark area, you can just place the light on any metal surface and it is very bright. The impressive part is how bright they are, without being a blinding direct light. I never thought led lights could be that strong.

I have the feeling this research is going to take me some time, if you have any information on either led rope lighting or fiber optic lighting that is affordable and functional for a home design, please drop me a comment.

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

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