Matt Leinart finally signed

The first-round pick of the Arizona Cardinals signed a six-year contract.Out of 255 players taken in this years NFL Draft, Leinhart was the last to agree to a contract. Financial terms were not disclosed, but you can be assured it was way too much. ESPN reported that the contract was worth a max of $50 million, yes, $50 million. When the 10th overall pick and the second quarterback taken is worth $50 million there is something out of whack. No wonder the average family can not afford to go to a football game.And how does the 10th pick get almost what the third pick got. Vince Young signed with the Tennessee Titans and received a six-year contract worth up to $58 million.

I guess Matt showed us, staying that extra year in college did pay off.

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

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