Mens Straw Hat

Every year about this time, I tell my wife I need a Mens Straw Hat. And every year, usually about the time I pull my Fedora out for winter wearing, I realize I never got my hat. I probably have close to 100 Baseball Caps that I wear year round, but I want something a little different.

So this year will be different. I am officially in the market for a good Straw Hat.

Last time I was in Bass Pro Shop they had a few decent looking hats. The problem was either they had band around the hat I did not like, or they did not have my size. The style I am looking for is basically a Fedora, made of straw. Not some goofy looking floppy straw, but a good lookin hat, just made of straw for the summer heat.

So you have a good place to buy a nice Straw Hat for summer, let me know.

Friday, March 28th, 2008

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