Mr. Mom

My lovely wife has been away for a few days, and I am soooo glad she is back !!

I will admit that my teenage daughters are not as hard to take care of as they once were, but, I know that my wife does so much on a daily basis to make our family run smoothly. I consider myself a pretty good man when it comes to helping around the house, however, keeping up with the kids and all their functions is a little overload on top of my daily work and duties.

My wife would call and start asking me about things that I had no clue. And if I did not write it down, well, you can just assume I forgot it.

Welcome home !!!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

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  1. nellie belle says:

    Great site! You are Mr. Mom? What a beautiful person you are? You have wonderful, beautiful lovely swans [ice skaters] and a lovely wife:)
    Do I envy you? Yes, I do! he he he

    I just stopped by to tell you how much of a good man, a good father [strict? good]and a loving son of Richie Cooley and a fine son of late Mrs. Louise Cooley. have a wonderful day, David.

    nellie belle

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