My Chemotherapy Wardrobe

Now here was a plus. While doing chemo I found my wardrobe the one thing that I liked. It was real simple.Sweat Pants, T-shirts and a bandana. Easy to mix and match.The only problem I ran into was in a few public places. Once while walking through a mall I was harassed by the security guards and told I had to remove the bandana because it represented the colors of some gang. It was frustrating and funny at the same time.

Here I was, seriously bloated, very, very white, 30 years old without a hair on my body. And they wanted to harass me about a bandana. What made it even more weird, the guys I ran into that probably were in a gang, were the ones that seem to have sympathy for me and did not give me a hard time.

I tried to find some designer bandanas, however, back then they just were not available in my area. This was something I thought might make me feel better and allow me to wear something with a message of some sort on it.

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

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