My Love of Cars and Classic Cars

I have always been a car fan. From the time I was a small child my father always had a few cars sitting around he was working on, or as he woud say, “piddling with”. And if I had just a few of the cars I saw come and go in our garage I could retire right now.

My first car was a hand me down 1967 Ford LTD. It was not the typical car my friends were driving, but I loved that car. With a 390 V8 it was a cruiser, a very fast cruiser at that. The hot car of the day when I was in school was a Ford Maverick or Mercury Comet.

I have been looking at cars again lately and considering buying an old car to work on. My favorite to “piddle” with is probably an old Volkswagen Beetle. The reason for this is how easy they are to work on, and I can pull the motor by myself in a matter of minutes without too much work. Next on my list is any old Ford, I just love the Fords from the mid 60’s.

It only seems right to create a page for my Classic Car watching, so if you like Classic Cars, check out the new Ramble On Classic Car page!

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

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