NASCAR Accidents

I wonder how many people watch Nascar just for the accidents?

A little research into the top searches for Nascar reveals a large majority of searches revolve around Nascar crashes.

Since the Michael McDowell accident during qualifying last week at Texas Motor Speedway the traffic to view the video has been enormous. And the film has been on every major network and cable news program available.

Since Nascar has standardized their cars on the COT (Car of Tomorrow) platform the accidents seem to be going down and certainly the safety has gone up. Nascar safety was already a big concern, but since the loss of Dale Earnhardt, there have been major strides in improving the safety to a point where it is amazing what the driver can walk away from.

It’s such a shame we had to lose some great people like Earnhardt & Adam Petty before the technology was there to make racing as safe as it is today.

Monday, April 7th, 2008

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