New Chemotherapy Blog

I have always wanted to write about my cancer and chemotherapy experiences and now I will. Yes, it seems like a real depressing subject, but, I think it something I need to do it.

However, I really do not want to clutter up this blog and take it down that road, so I have started a completely new blog.

Feel free to stop and let me know what ya think.

EDIT: I have now incorporated the above referenced Chemotherapy blog into my main blogging here. The category Chemotherapy should give you a list of all Chemotherapy related posts I have.

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

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  1. richardc says:

    I have been working hard to develop a blood test with Johnson & Johnson to help detect cancer early. Still have not done it and still trying hard.

    In the meanwhile, I am tired of losing my closest family and friends to cancer and have launched a web site to help people who are considering chemo or people who have already taken chemo and who want to rebuild their immune system so I just launched that is a valuable new tool.

    I sincerely hope helps create better lives and longer lives.

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